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That's why it is important for all the cases like in Arizona to keep going forward, so that even if the election is not overturned, at least protections will be put in place. I think we need a system that keeps as many humans out of it as possible. Humans are the cheaters.
Lying leftist demons in the demoncrat party claim there is no evidence of voter fraud, but they lie. We know why they lie. They lie for many reasons, including self-preservation and self-promotion. Have there been any in-depth investigations of voter fraud from 2020? No, absolutely not, which proves the demoncrats are lying. How do they know no voter fraud occurred if there has been no investigation into the multiple claims with evidence? They cannot know, yet they claim they do know, which is a lie. Thousands of democrats across America know for a fact that democrats commit voter fraud because they participated themselves. But they lie about their participation. They want this country given over to demons and for good people to be disarmed, disenfranchised, re-educated, and/or jailed. Leftist demonic liars are not good people.