20 Reasons to Question Plate Tectonics Part II


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This is the show from Friday, February 10th, 2023


*More Questions: Fred Williams and Doug McBurney dive in to part II of their review of Ellis Hughes’ “20 Reasons to Question Plate Tectonics.”

*Varmints Work for Walt Brown: Could recent discoveries of mammalian fossils in the arctic be more evidence for Walt Brown’s Big Roll?

*Subduction of a Theory: Professor Hughes notes with data and fabulous diagrams in the “20 Reasons” book that the physics of plate subduction simply does not work, and that’s just the beginning! Hear about the seamounts, Benioff Zones, spreading centers, missing sediment “scrape”, seismic tomography, Bullard’s Fit, and at least a dozen more. Get the book right here!


*Robert Brown at RMCF: Join us in welcoming one scientist who definitely worked for Walt Brown, (perhaps even taking out the trash more than once), professor Robert Brown, who will be speaking at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship on February 10th 2023.

Today's Resource: 20 Reasons to Question Plate Tectonics by Ellis Hughes


This book traces the history of objections raised to the theory of plate tectonics, starting in the late 1960s. A surprising number of professional geologists and geophysicists raised legitimate concerns about the theory at the time it was proposed in the 1960s. Little was known about the ocean floor at that time. As more data has become available, it has become apparent that the theory has major issues. Twenty of these issues are described in detail in this book, and fifteen additional problems are mentioned briefly. The "insider scoop" is revealed, answering the question of why so many geologists support the theory if it has so many problems. Finally, the book gives summaries of four other theories that explain the earth's geological features without using plate tectonics.