2 Kings 4:42-5:19 and Luke 17:11-17


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2 KINGS 4:42-5:19

We read about “Naaman” the Syrian who was healed of his Tzara-at, whatever kind he had, He was healed, not because of anything he could pay Elisha, but what he did in OBEDIENCE and FAITH. He went and bathed in the River Jordan, when down 7 times, again, “7” is YHVH’s perfect number, it kind of symbolizes baptism in a way. When we came up the seventh time, he was healed of his disease.

At first, he expected a show from Elisha, wanting him to come out and maybe wave his hand over his disease, yet when he sent his servant, he got discouraged and left. It took his servants to convince Naaman to bathe in the Jordan. What could he lose? Sometimes, it takes advice from people in low places, humble servants to convince the "big-shots". Naaman had to taste "humble pie" to receive healing from his tza-ra-at.

On the other hand, we see that Gehezi, Elisha’s servant was stricken with “Tzara-at” because of his selfish motives and because he lied to his master. In that he lied to Elisha, his speech was "leshon-Hara" in a way evil and untruthful. This act of "Motzi-a-ra" speaking evil or untruth, brought about his becoming a "metzorah"

We can become clean inside when we obey God’s Word, and accept Yeshua as Savior and LORD, Yeshua is the “Living Water” and when we “bathe in Him” we become clean, our “Tamei” becomes “tahor” our "nega" (plague, sore) is healed and brings about "oneg" (pleasure).

LUKE 17:11-17

Not the official Parashah reading, but this deals also with the healing of 10 who suffered with some sort of skin ailment, which made them “Tamei” and “outcasts”. Yeshua healed them all, only for the asking, YET only ONE returned to say “thanks”. Do we take our Salvation for granted? Do we think we deserve it? Remember that only through the grace of YHVH does he allow us into HIS family. Do we really live like “B’nei Malach?” (children of the King) or….do we succumb to the deceiver and lair of all times? Do we praise and thank Him for so great a gift such as YESHUAH (Salvation)? do we thank and praise YESHUA for YESHUAH? Something to think about.

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