1 Kings 2:1-12 and Matt 22:1-23:39


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1 KINGS 2:1-12

King David is on his deathbed and calls his son Solomon, and tells him “What it is to be a MAN!” so here's the truth to all “macho guys out there who just THINK they know what it is to be a real man. Melech David tells the truth through the Holy Spirit who guides his words;

” Keep the charge of YHVH thy God, Walk in HIS ways, Keep HIS commandments as they are written in the Torah, SO THAT, you may prosper in ALL you do. So, there you have it, what it is to be a man, (or a woman) of God, Trust in Yeshua as LORD and Savior, Depend on HIS righteousness through his blood and sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, which will lead us to a right relation with HIM and with his written word, to put into practice as our way of life. But always remember that salvation is through FAITH, and by FAITH only, and never depending on works! (mitzvoth) the “works” are an “aftermath” of our faith experience.

MATT 22:1-23:39

Yeshua tells the story of a king who invited guests to his son’s wedding feast. Yet those who were invited did not show up, so he called others, who DID attend the wedding feast. He says that the “Kingdom of Heaven” is similar to that situation. He ends by saying; “Many are called yet few are chosen.

How do we relate that to ourselves? We are part of the human race. The perfect will of Adonai is that ALL come to repentance and accept the gift of “Yeshuah” (Salvation) which was provided through “Yeshua” (no play on words). The gospel message has gone out to all, which means ALL people on this planet called Earth. The great Wedding Feast of the “Son” is in the making. His bride is in the making. Yet many do not heed the calling, they are those who love the world and love darkness, these are the lost and unsaved people of humanity. We ask how can one refuse such an invitation. Perhaps because the things and enjoyments of this world are too appetizing, and they would rather live for the moment, instead of eternity’s bliss.

Then there are those who DO accept the wedding invitation. Those of us who accept will be part of the wedding feast. We are part of the bride, the “Kehilah” the “Adat” (Congregation of the redeemed). No matter what name a church is called by, we are all part of “One Assembly” We are all part of “B’nei Elohim” (sons of God) including women too.

There is mention of one who was not properly dressed for the wedding, yet in ancient times, those who did not come with wedding attire were usually provided clothing by the bridegroom, so there is no excuse for not being in proper attire.

Yeshua also talks about our relationship with others in heaven. Specifically, our marriage partners. Unlike on earth, where we relate with our partners both emotionally, sexually, and spiritually, in heaven, it will not be so. Of course, we will recognize each other, but we will be like “brothers and sisters” since our “Husband” will be “Yeshua.”

There is the question; “What is the greatest commandment?” and Yeshua quotes Deut 6; “You shall love Adonai your God with all of your heart, soul, and strength” and He adds “and love your neighbor as yourself.” This is interesting. The word “Torah” in gematria adds up to 611. (Tav, vav, resh, Hey) and when we add this Commandment in Deut 6, and “love your neighbor” these are “2”, when we add “2” to “611” we get “613” which are the total amount of commandments in the entire Torah (first 5 books).

To make it very simple, the whole Torah is condensed to “loving God” and “loving your neighbor” That is the gist of ALL the commandments. Our love and devotion to our God, and our love and respect towards our fellow man. Guess that includes animals. He made the animals and we need to respect and treat them also with loving kindness because they are part of Elohim’s creation. (you may want to exclude cockroaches) Yes, they were created, but to serve as a curse, not a blessing.