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    Democrats Support Sodomy: Change My Mind

    If you don't like same sex marriage, don't marry someone of the opposite sex . Who is forcing you to do this ? How can it hurt you or cause you problems or interfere with YOUR rights, or interfere with your marriage if you are married ? Answer : It's can't , doesn't and won't . And...
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    Thieves should be shot - not jailed.

    Most of the world's countries abolished the death penalty long ago . Our government should do the same . Executing people merely for robbery and thievery is barbaric, period . US states with the death penalty have higher murder rates than those which do not . The death penalty does not...
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    Dems are trying to steal the election with voter fraud

    Wrong . Trump and the republicans tried to steal the election from Biden, just as they did from Hillary Clinton four years ago . Fool me once . . . . . But this time, the democrats were prepared . Also, many people who voted fro Trump four years ago realized how incredibly dumb they had...
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    A Radical Hijacking Of The Democrat Party

    Nonsense. The democratic party does not "support infanticide ". It supports emergency late term abortions in medical emergencies where a women would die and the fetus is unviable . The democrats have never "burned down cities" and they are not responsible for the recent unrest on our streets ...
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    Nazism left wing? Well...

    In fact, Trump, while not as monstrously evil as Hitler, is terrifyingly SIMILAR to him . And he's still very evil . Fortunately, no president has the same totalitarian power as Hitler or Stalin . Like Hitler, Trump is a megalomaniacal , ruthless, power-hungry, totally unscrupulous ...
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    One time that we know Biden spoke truth

    Oh , and exactly how many times has Trump told the "truth" as president ? Fact : Trump has told well over 20,000 certifiable lies or misleading statements as president . And so many while running . For example, claiming that Obama was born in Kenya when running for president even though this...
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    Democrats Support Infanticide: Change My Mind

    This rumor about the Democrats is nothing but another one of those ridiculous conspiracy theories manufactured by the conservative media . the Democrats do not and have never advocated " Infanticide ". The only thing they advocate, and for a good reason , is keeping it legal for doctors to...
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    In less than 10 words, what is the #1 reason you are left-wing or right-wing?

    I'm not right-wing because : I believe in freedom and progress , not backwardness & tyranny .
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    Countdown To Biden Impeachment

    You can't impeach a president before he's even taken office . But if any president ever deserved to be impeached it was Trump. I don't have the time or space to list a lot of his numerous impeachable offenses : blatant nepotism , constant obstruction of justice, blatant violation of the...
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    Trump has 4 more years in office. Accept it.

    Joe Biden won the election three weeks ago fair and square . The American people have spoken and have rejected the worst,. most corrupt, incompetent , unethical, unprincipled , mendacious, ruthless, greedy , reckless, callous, cruel and destructive president in US history . There was...
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    A Radical Hijacking Of The Democrat Party

    The Democratic party has no "radical left wing " . But the Republican party has gone so far to the right in recent years it seems like the Democrats are "far left" to many people . Republicans such as Dwight Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater would not recongnize today's GOP . If they were...
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    Kamala Harris, Rape Apologist

    No she is not . More ridiculous right-wing propaganda and lies . Hillary Clinton was also the victim of the same bogus accusations .
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    Jon Voight urges Americans to ‘fight now for Trump’s victory’

    Another insufferable sore loser . Biden won the election fair and square . Why can't Trump supporters just get over this simple fact ? There was no Democratic "voter fraud ".
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    Banned Again . Why ?

    I was banned for a couple a days until this Wednesday . Why ? For supposedly being "too disruptive "? Huh ? How am I to know what the web management considers to be " "disruptive " here ? All I was doing was voicing my usual disagreements with members . I didn't insult anyone, use...