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    Sandyhook still unanswered Questions

    Who of all y'all geniuses can actually answer any of these questions.....
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    Global Warming Frauds Going to Jail

    The tip of the iceberg...
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    Las Vegas Shooting Multiple shooters

    After analyzing the soundtracks of several videos that have been scrubbed from You Tube, we knew from the sound signatures of the shots, that there were at least two different suppresses rifles firing, and one supersonic unsuppressed rifle firing. When I told you all that two years ago...
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    Time and Science are hard on liberals....Still Laughing....

    As science advances and we learn more, we keep getting closer and closer to a Biblical view of "Intelligent Design"..... soon the Darwinists will be suffering sleepless nights on a regular basis...
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    Follow the SECURITY CLEARANCE GAME, Not just the Money!

    White House National Security Council (NSC) senior director Adam S. Lovinger – whose security clearance was pulled after he raised concerns regarding lucrative government contracts awarded to Stefan Halper (who has been identified as being used an informant by the Obama administration against...
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    Iron Clad PROOF Russia Investigation is a SHAM.

    How do you know? Can you prove the Russian Collusion investigation is a fraud? In a word, YES. 'XBT Holdings' was named in the Steele Dossier as both a conduit of intel, and the company that hacked the Democratic (DNC) servers. "XBT Holdings" was named 4 times in the warrant...
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    Delusional Wack Jobs at TOL

    Back when Trump entered the race for POTUS, the delusional wack jobs came out of the woodwork: "He will never finish the primary" "He is just in it for the attention" "Trump could never win" "Trump has no chance against Hillary" "the polls show Trump down 12 percent" "He will destroy the...
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    McCabe stepped down, Next criminal to fall?

    The plug has been pulled from the swamp and is starting to drain.....LOL!
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    Did the Libtards not expect a backlash???

    "US" by Paul Genova (Mr. Paul Genova has been President and Chief Operating Officer of Wireless Telecom Group Inc. since June 30, 2016. "I haven't said too much about this election since the start...but this is how I feel.... I'm noticing that a lot of people aren't graciously...
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    Adam Kokesh..Libertarian Held without charges for over 48 hours

    Just got this email from Angela Fischer "Tom, Today Adam was supposed to be arraigned. Instead he stood before a Justice of the Peace and was denied access to any paperwork regarding his charges. They have yet to provide anything in writing. Adam is being held in a government institution after...
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    Dirty FEDS caught on Video

    Discovery evidence from the Nevada trial.
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    If you ever read anything in your life, READ THIS

    Brady violations detailed, along with kill lists and destruction of evidence. All documented facts in the Nevada trial. Here is just a small piece of the article covering illegal wiretapping of attorney client phone calls and the kill list... "WIRETAPPING III: It's now clear, through...
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    Bundy Haters EAT CROW....AGAIN!

    Back in 2014, I remember all of the Bundy haters here at TOL, now that all of the charges have been dismissed and the FEDS were caught in armed criminal action, and prosecutorial misconduct of epic proportions, not to mention a major cover up...... I can't help but wonder how many of the...
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    For all you Cop lovers....LOL

    The F.B.I. is the most corrupt Law Enforcement Agency in America. Former assistant director telling you all what I told y'all 3 years ago......some of you are still slow it and weep......LOL
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    Sandy Hook Law Suit and video

    I dare anyone who claims to be about truth and fact to watch this independent report from from start to finish by 6 independent Journalists. Keep in mind, the Gov. has still kept all evidence sealed. Now we know why.