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  • Ah.....there are so many. Vernon Howard has some interesting stuff, ACIM, the Urantia Book, Alfred Aiken, Joel S. Goldsmith, the Bagavad Gita, J. Krishnamurti, and more :) I'm pretty would have scan over my library........:surf:
    ;) - true dialogue includes exploring/considering all possible and probable viewpoints, keeping the mind open to further research. "Ask, seek and knock" a perpetual engagement. It never ends, as long as there exists anything to learn, recognize or discover. My former points on 'responsibility' still holds, and this discounts a full acceptance that "Jesus did it all for you", common among some evangelicals. Grace abounds,...but you still reap what you sow.
    well,...just see how response/reaction is to your commentaries, to gauge the spiritual climate or reception to ideas outside a more narrow dogmatic paradigm. In your opinion, was the dialogue successful to expand consciousness, or rather the opposite?
    Also, I would suggest considering adding on to your own thread, or begin another one on another subject you are most passionate about, since when its your own 'thread', you have much more 'liberty' to coordinate, guide and direct the discussion "on topic", are presiding, and can navigate as you like :thumb:
    Ah,...well,'re talking too much about the "soul" lol. - also, much is going over some 'heads',...and it appears the thread-originator thought you were not staying "on topic", so probably requested for a moderator to just 'Close' the thread, or she did it herself (Higher level memberships have that ability, to 'close' their own threads).
    i didn't your message on my vis message section. remember to hit the 'view conversation' button then message me :) - ok...but I don't see your thread. There is only one extant thread by you. So they must have totally deleted it? where is it? do you have a copy of the thread, or archive of it somewhere? how big was it?
    Hi John, are not banned. Not sure why you thought you were, you would not be able to access the board. I just saw your only thread! Maybe I'll add to it. See mine, I had lots more :) - but they purge older threads in time.
    hi, got it! :) uh...just battling a cold,...getting over it. Just honing my skills on my various kindle fire tablets, catching up on some reading from various writers in Theosophy, and always open to expanding consciousness. Seems the 'hell' thread is about reaching 'burn out' point. How about u?
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