Soon to be 70. Masters in "Theocentric Psychology" from LaSalle. Certificate in Crisis Counseling from U of Maryland. 14 years years in public ministry but retired for 35 yrs in the building trades. Writer and public speaker for decades.

My wife, my kids and grandkids, church activities and my study in things "Barthian."
Apr 25, 1945 (Age: 79)
Central California
Retired pastor of 14 years. Retired General Builder of 35 years.
Religious Affiliation
Political Spectrum
More right than left
Slogan or motto
I only understand what is revealed to me so I need to wait on the Lord
A little bit more about me
I have been fighting bigoted Christianity for decades and have been called every name in the book. Give it up. You can't hurt my feelings.


I only know what is revealed to me.

All theologies are but the inventions of men.

God has chosen to work in, during, and because of . . . the proclamation of the Word.

Christ is the only objective revelation of God to man.

We are all prodigals of the father.