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    Originally Posted by JosephR View Post
    Indeed it is and physical death to the Almighty creator holds how much value?

    Christians work for spiritual lives.
    Just don't spread against Jesus' word or indorse against His commands.. Jesus commands you to "love your enemy". It is clear you don't love your enemy by killing them.

    When you endorse evil deeds, you are working for satan whether you admit it or not.

    Please pray about it very hard.
    You are playing Christian, friend.

    Get serious about your faith.

    Why do you ignore Jesus' word?
    Originally Posted by JosephR View Post
    you kill people that kill people...

    “Whoever sheds human blood,
    by humans shall their blood be shed;

    God says vengeance is Mine. You need to know His followers should not get involve with bloodshed.

    You guys are playing God.
    Hey Joseph!! How's things going? I hope well. I think you work this coming week?? Enjoy your Weekend! Make It Count!! Joseph, I'm so glad that you got the free bronze subscription!! That's pretty cool. I pay mine by the month. It's 12/mo. for a gold scription. That way I can leave any time I like. I let them take it out of my bank account automatically each month. It's worth it to me!! Well, don't be a stranger, Joe. Hope that God brings you Much Happiness and Joy!!
    Sounds wonderful, Joseph. Keep on praising God and life will continue to be wonderful... even during the storms that may come. You are blessed. :)
    Super! Glad to hear it. Me? I am blessed. How are those week long days at home for you?
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