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  • This is further compounded or confused by the omnipresence of God anyways :) - still,....the 'logos' in the essential greek philosophic understanding holds, as God's utterance, thought-expression, reason, creative intelligence expressing itself, being 'pronounced' (manifesting), this 'logos' being the medium thru which God creates. It is 'pre-personal' if you will, and only 'personalized' by us in some form or fashion.
    Hi Jerrry,....will respond soon about the 'logos' being an "it" or a "he/him" :) - I hold that the true rendering ought to be "it" in John's prologue...which is later associated with the person of Jesus, as translating this passage as "it" was held in some standard bible translations before the KJV....where most of the modern versions use the pronouns "he/him". Doctrinal biases have affected translation inflections, but this is a minor point to me, since I have no agenda either way, although usually holding a Unitarian context of things. The 'human' and 'divine' natures of the person of Jesus are inconsequential on some levels, besides the actual 'anointing' and 'empowering' of Jesus by the Spirit of God from the outside.
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