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  • I checked my Friend's Wall to make sure you were there. You really deserve to have more friends. I could tell everyone in the Chatbox to Friend you. That would help for sure, eh? God Be With You, Grandma!!
    Were you really born in 1920? Wow! That's pretty good. Eisenhower's got nothing on you. Thanks for the rough job you do here. It's unpleasant, but someone's got to do it! Much Love, In Christ, Grandma Lucy!!
    first time complaining or reporting a post.

    please consider reviewing TRUSTER's lack of wanting to dialogue.
    instead He resorts to name calling and calling me a liar.
    Noahs ark is the new thread.
    it doesn't bother me much but i am fairly new and feel sad for new visitors to be targeted by trusters accusations with no support for His insinuations.

    is this how I report a post???
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