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    What all is inherent in the atonement of Christ?

    Forgiveness? Reconciliation? Complete and full satisfaction?
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    Prayers for Robert Pate

    I noticed that Robert Pate had not posted anything in awhile, so I went to his profile and noticed that his wife Nancy posted this on November 13: Robert Pate is in the hospital and needs your prayers. He asked that I tell his friends this information. Hopefully, he will be coming home in 3-4...
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    Histrionic Personality Disorder

    I was wondering if anyone here on TOL is in the Behavioral/Mental Health profession and might be able to guide me to understand this particular disorder.
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    where is Mr. Pate?

    Are you ok? Or did the "C" on your keyboard finally break?
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    Congratulations Chrysostom on top poster

    Chrysostom is top poster.
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    Theology Club: The use of the word "future"

    In trying to understand the OV, I have often heard proponents say that there is no "future" because it hasn't happened yet. IOW the future is being created. If this is true, then how in the description of this Theology Club forum can it say "The Open View teaches that God can change the future...