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  • Giving this year to the TOL-a-thon? :) - I will before the end is up. I just renew my subscription at this time, so it counts towards the fundraiser :surf:
    might u enable your rep? It wouldn't hurt....ur way in the 'green' anyways,...its a 'plus' not a 'minus' ;)
    Dearest Eeset,
    It's been quite a while. How are you doing? I hope you're enjoying the weather in FL. We had Hurricane Kevin here and it caused a lot of damage with high winds, and flooding, and huge dust storms. We get those when the high winds blow the dust and sand in the air. They are usually more that a mile wide. I think they get them in Egypt too and other countries in that area. Looks like summer is pretty much over here. We are down to 98 and all. Out of the 3 digit temps. It was even 78 degrees a couple days ago. We're having breaded shrimp 2nite. I will have to make some cocktail sauce since we don't have any. We're having French Fries too. Okay hon, you take good care and stay joyful!!
    Hi Eset,...I bailed out of your 'trinity/Jesus is God' thread,...u know that's one dizzy hamster wheel.....has been since the first century. Just don't git too dizzy :)
    hi, looks like my recent rep to you did boost you up 4 points :) - I guess if u disable just doesn't show u in either red or green. Just black. hmmm...interesting.
    Dear Eeset,
    I hope you're enjoying living in the Keys. It is expensive there. Am I right? I bet that hurricanes are scary!! My sister, Lila, lives in a suburb of Ft. Myers. My niece lives in Ft. Myers!! They have to deal with hurricanes too. Hey, I hope you are having a glorious night. You are so lucky to be living there. Florida was so good to me!! Best place I ever lived. I liked Miami Beach and also Coconut Grove. And Coral Gables. Well, remember to say your prayers at night. I'll chat with you again soon!!
    Tons Of Love Coming At You!!!
    I am leaving TOL. I do not expect to be back. I've left my first two Blog posts intact as they may help someone in the future. I will not be posting here or anywhere else. I cannot handle the stress and hatefulness here. God bless you. You are not part of the problem and I hope you can be a positive influence here for existing and future members. I've enjoyed our interactions and respect your opinions, even when we disagree. I will definitely miss you.

    Hey Eeset!! It's been too long! It's been hot here. I suppose you've been hot too though, because of all the humidity. It's suppose to be 110 this Friday and I've got a Dental appt., so I have to go out in the heat. Eeeeeekk! Anything new? My foster child just got a new sister. He is 21 and his Mom just had another baby!! His name is Jesus too. I've been helping to support him since he was seven. I know he is older now, but he and his family still need the money I send to them, so AMEN!! I look forward to hearing from you, hon!! May The Lord God Fill Your Heart With Great Joy!!
    Dearest Eeset! I hope all is going well for you on your Island!! Just curious, you do have red hair, right? Well, I know you are a beautiful person!! I hope you like deep-sea fishing!! Fishing used to be one of my best hobbies. Too bad I never caught many! It's easier to just go to the store and buy them!! Much Love For You, Hon!!
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