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  • Yes, you can see our UB thread,...its one of the largest here,...also GM has mad a few mock threads on UB believers, which I've corrected him about many misrepresentations (about it being a UFO cult, etc....which it is not). I've been a primary expounder on the papers in our thread, and wrote the OP there. In any case,...being eclectic, I'm by no means a UB-only devotee, but an expositor of it and other interesting religious texts, me its all about expanding consciousness, and learning as you go along. No one person or cult has a monopoly on the infinite :) - injoy!
    Hi Cruce,...Caino is primarily a UB reader and devotee, his religious principles and 'Christology' are based from that particular revelation or explanation of the teachings of Jesus. You can found out more in our discussion on the UB thread. Knowing such may provide you with a better comprehension of the framework and context of his theology,...just thot to share :)
    U betcha Cruce :) - while on the subject of 'sowing and reaping',...enjoy my recent commentary on the 'law of compensation' here - I'm sure you would expect nothing less from me ;)
    left you a 'rep comment'...but got cut off. Meant to say "I gather you meant 'reap' what you 'sow', instead of other way around :)
    Hello. I would recommend the Revised Standard Version (RSV), the English Standard Version (ESV), and---for purposes of comparison---the Revised English Bible (REB). Happy reading! ;)
    I am just shocked that I have not sent you a friend request before now!

    Thank you for your posts in my help thread.

    God bless you!
    Thanks for the heads up. I fixed it, for now anyway. If someone is messing with it, I may not be able to keep it posted, but I'll try. Thanks again.
    I couldn't again rep you yet, but I wanted to let you know I'm attempting to have a very real conversation apart from the typical adversarial and condescending format of Catholic v. Protestant. My questions are a genuine search for the Catholic position in detail according to the Greek terminology, not just a general concept of sin. I simply don't recall if Aquinas addressed it to this degree or not. Or maybe there are others to consider. There is NO "tone" in my posts, as I have genuine respect and love for you as a brother in Christ, and I'm weary of the anti-Catholic sentiments in the manner they're usually posted.
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