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  • You've spent so much time conversing with Kangaroos, that
    you've lost your ability to articulate your thoughts, and opinions
    with "humankind!!" Your friend, GM...
    You're a, "me, me, me kind a guy, aren't ya?? Very self-absorbed and pretentious!! Always fearful somebodies gonna steal your posts and place them on another thread. As if, you're trying to protect your ideas and theories as if they have a "national security element to them!" You're a, "Legend in your own mind!"
    C; I'm so pleased you've decided to "flee" your thread!! Someone must have convinced you that you were fighting a losing battle!! You've shown great dignity, and amazing restraint by turning and running away like a frightened Jack rabbit!! You've truly earned my respect.....What a guy!!!!
    I'm afraid you have no idea what you're talking about my Aussie friend!! So, throw another shrimp on the barbie, kick back and enjoy some good old fashion self-reflection!!!!
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