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  • Yes Patrick Jane they are, i use to work at the local YMCA which was once a Jr. High school and thank you :)
    Awesome cleekster! I wish you good success with your band and its endeavors. Thanks for sharing here :)
    U betcha! I'll be boosting u regularly, as I'm able......since I've got pretty high rep going and it ever increases. Glad to help. How you been? I'll look over some of ur recent posts,...if u will read mine :) - I ever stay busy here, holding my own.....freelight style :surf:
    yeah i've spent most of my life in a red state :( don't really care for the blue states either politically speaking but at least they aren't trying to shove their moral code down my throat and telling me how the bible should be my "code of conduct"
    Cali is just a more social and friendlier place to live. I don't care for the red states. Plus there is that weather thing. :)
    Nebraska has horrible winters ... about now, I am really missing California. I hope at some point to move back.
    Pretty much the same, though it's been a difficult month. I am glad summer is here though. The warm weather is always welcome.
    Hey welcome back! I take my far share of breaks, too so don't worry about it. It's good to see you back!
    welcome back cleekster :) check out my latest posts n stuff,....its been a fun ride,....perks n all ;) - c u on the board......
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