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  • I don't think I can turn off ones ability to use reputation. Although I did find something odd with your account. You were a LIFETIME member but somehow your LIFETIME membership was also inactive at the same time which doesn't make any sense. :idunno:

    I fixed that, so let me know if that helps at all.
    though , if Knight does not get back yo you soon Inzl Kett might be worth a try.
    I am afraid I don't know how that stuff works and Knight is currently your best hope.
    Wait a minute. It says that this miphiboseth who was crucified was the daughter of Aia and Saul, unless I am reading this wrong. Who was Miphiboseth's (the son of Jonathan's) mom? I tried a search in the Douay, and a cursory search didn't tell me anything.
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