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    Covid and the MARK OF THE BEAST

    Well well well. All we need now is an antichrist a quantom dot tattoo proof of vax in the right hand or similar and poof here we are.
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    31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

    100%! Great post. And this will lead to the mark of the beast.
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    Covid and the MARK OF THE BEAST

    The Mark of the Beast could come out of this Covid with ONLY the technology and solutions already mentioned to us. It probably will develop further but it doesn't have to. They want a mandatory vaccine paired with a "digital certificate". This digital certificate would at the very least contain...
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    the DANGER of Contact Tracing (and where it came from)

    This is pretty horrible. Flatten the curve right? Bunch of crooks. Now we see they are working on a creepy plan they got from Hans Roslng to get the West to do what they want us to. This will likely bring them a political victory and then the antichrist. I hope not but it looks like it.
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    Nephilim in the last days?

    Video series I did on this subject. Pretty CRAZY!
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    ECT You want a prophecy nugget? 3 Countries Antichrist rules...

    Listed in Daniel 11:43 we see that Antichrist overthrows and controls the gold and wealth of 3 specific countries at some point: 1. Egypt 2. Libya 3. Sudan (Ethiopia was Kush which is modern Sudan) Now what are some things we can observe about these nations? Well for starters, remember the...
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    Shut dwn power grid, Abortion till due date, open borders, DNC 2020!

    Man this is a joke right? Cortez says she wants rid of capitalism, rid of fossil fuels w/in 12 years (suicide), and Harris and Bernie agree?! Abortion up until due date now if the Dr says okay?! Lord have mercy on our country! I hope we take a turn towards God and quick! We need revival!
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    Does Godrulez still post here?

    Used to be probably my favorite poster.
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    Dispensationaism Proven.

    It is not Biblical to say that God is saving people who reject Christ, and this is not what dispensationalism teaches. It is also not Biblical to say that God completely replaced natural Israel, when in fact we are clearly told "All of [natural] Israel shall be saved" in the future in Romans...
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    ECT Mystery Babylon: Catholicism or Islam?

    I am reevaluating this subject to see if I can find anything I missed previously. Rev 17-18. What are your best arguements and most to-the-point proofs one way or the other? EDIT: Include NYC if you thing you can prove that case. So here are the best theories available: 1. Rome/ Catholicism 2...