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  • Sorry if I sounded as though I was making light of things Al. I have no idea what it's like to undergo anything like that.
    Heck, one day in a hospital bed isn't much fun...sorry you've had to go through that but glad you're out of that for a while. I'm sure your ready wit and panache charmed some nurses though, even if to leave the room...:eek:
    Good grief, I leave for a month, a month and the next thing you know trolls are running wild, anna is in the red and you're in surgery...well, so long as you're on the mend. Mind the stitches, I'm in a mood. :eek:
    Dear alwight,

    I hope that all is going well with you and that you are happy!! Hope that your day is wonderful 2morrow.

    I don't mind a bias, but I think this crosses another line and one that is a bit uncomfortably funny to see in group of Christians. Ah, well, not perfect then, as they say. :chuckle: Or, as I said early on, it's okay, just don't tell me that's rain. :eek:
    Thank you, my friend.
    You are not an unintelligent poster, by any means. ;)
    Best wishes;
    I think if you read my latest response to Tam in the rep thread you'll see how my attitude and use developed and why I think the on/off is an obvious solution. It's one I've been living with since my rep peaked and went static at the ceiling a very long time ago. And I haven't found continuing to rep and remark or the reading of what I call liner notes, without the ability to influence my rep, diminished the experience at all. And if it did I could always reenter the public game.
    Always happy to hear from you, al. :think: I've been trying to find a middle ground on the issue to sooth nerves and I think my last is about as close to that as we could get, if anyone with the power to make it happen would do that. I'm going to float it past Knight. Couldn't hurt.

    Just turn the rep number off or on to suit your approach. Seems fair, doesn't it? And since Knight himself is always saying it's not important then having it turned off at will can't be much of an issue beyond the technical, right?
    Well, was it any great surprise that this new 'reflective' rep system was actually in fact, anything but?

    would you be so kind to join us at my 2015 awards thread
    tell us what you think of the creation vs evolution thread?
    Hey alwight!! I'm going to send you a PM. You are a wonderful person. I hope that all is going well with your life now. In a Bit!!
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