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  • If you want to follow the instruction of Matt 18, then you should approach Meshak w/ 2 or 3 witnesses, or approach her church, instead of making it public before everyone.

    listen up newb, before you go neg repping me again, do your homework.

    meshak has been approached by many of us privately on this matter (and many of us are on her ignore so that's not even available) and there is no option for private group conferences here for the three who agree already, also she will not reveal to us who or what church she belongs to for that option Jesus says to do AFTER several come in agreement and they do not listen, so the thread was the only way left to obey Jesus,
    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and forgive you of your ignorance because you are new around here and clearly do not respect the decisions of the elders here but let's curb this now before it becomes habitual ok?

    Also, she committed her sins against members here publicly so there is nothing that has been said people here do not already know from reading her post over the last few months...

    We are coming together in Jesus name in agreement with an Amen, three of us thus far, I'm sorry if you have a problem with that, actually I'm not sorry it is expected, Matthew 10:22.

    keep shinin

    jerm :cool:
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