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And, now for a happy news story!

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  • And, now for a happy news story!

    From the Times Online:

    Holly the collie survives 26 days trapped in gully

    By Simon de Bruxelles

    A COLLIE that can’t bark is recovering after spending 26 days trapped in a 10ft gully that she fell into while trying to escape a thunderstorm.

    Holly, 12, took fright when she was frightened by thunder during the storm at the end of June.

    Her owners, Dennis Stephenson, 68, and his wife Irene, spent weeks following up possible sightings and putting up posters, without success.

    The dog was eventually found by a family friend at the bottom of the gully between a graveyard and the back of a building at Stoke Climsland, near Callington, Cornwall.

    The collie was trapped for so long because she has never been able to bark and could not attract anyone’s attention.

    Holly had not eaten at all during her 26-day ordeal and her body weight had dropped from 25kg to 14kg. She was able to survive by drinking rainwater dripping from the roof of the neighbouring building and licking moisture off the side of the gully.
    More at above site.

    I love collies. So, this story caught my attention. It seems that Holly is as stubborn as my own collies (Mollie and Lady) and has a strong will to survive. I hope that Holly lives out the rest of her life in the lap of doggie luxury.
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    Love happy dog stories

    It always makes me happy to read happy dog stories!


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      Collies are beautiful dogs.
      So they took him and killed him, and threw him out of the vineyard.