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    Is there something you wanted to say?

    Putting "Hyksos people" in the title doesn't really make for a conversation starter...


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      Evidence for the Historical Exodus?

      Probably something along the line of Josephus saying these were the people of the Exodus:

      Originally posted by wikipedia

      In his Against Apion, the first-century AD historian Josephus debates the synchronism between the Biblical account of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and two Exodus-like events that the Egyptian historian Manetho (ca. 300 BC) apparently mentions. It is difficult to distinguish between what Manetho himself recounted, and how Josephus or Apion interpreted him. Josephus identifies the Israelite Exodus with the first exodus mentioned by Manetho, when some 480,000 Hyksos "shepherd kings" (also referred to as just 'shepherds', as 'kings' and as 'captive shepherds' in his discussion of Manetho) left Egypt for Jerusalem.[16] The mention of "Hyksos" identifies this first exodus with the Hyksos period (16th century BC).
      Josephus provides the earliest recorded instance of the much repeated false etymology of the term Hyksos, as a Hellenised form of the Egyptian phrase Hekw Shasu, meaning "Shepherd Kings". Scholars have only recently shown that the term derives from heqa-khase, a phrase meaning "rulers of foreign lands".[17]
      Apion identifies a second exodus mentioned by Manetho when a renegade Egyptian priest called Osarseph led 80,000 "lepers" to rebel against Egypt. Then, Apion additionally conflates these with the Biblical Exodus, and contrary to Manetho, even alleges that this heretic priest changed his name to Moses.[18] Many scholars[19][20] do not interpret lepers and leprous priests as literally referring to a disease, but rather to a strange and unwelcome new belief system.
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        In any event hello and welcome. Feel free to post. God bless you!
        Happy November to Remember!