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  • The Corinthian's divisions; their heresies (factions or sects) was unbecoming of how members of the Body of Christ should discern their relationship with one another in the Body.

    Paul continues this point in chapter 12.

    For me, it's all in how literal we take his words, in contrast to what he means by said words.

    What he means in some of his word choices there is determined not only by how he is using said words, and in light of the actual issues he is addressing, but also, by how he at times either uses a different word when describing the same thing again, or uses a contrast between things.

    I've noted that he mentions "divisions." Then he mentions them again but uses the word "heresies."

    He uses the word "approved" but later contrasts that with "condemned."

    He does this sort of thing throughout his writings.

    This is how his intended sense is arrived at.

    This same process and so on is how one is able to know Paul is not talking about water baptism in Romans 6, for example.

    In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul is relating a spiritual principle that applies in both agencies in a manner like how the Lord's Word to both - "it is more blessed to give, than to receive" applies to both.

    heir, I listened to those two audios. The above is some of my own thoughts on his breakdown of 1 Cor. 11.

    For the most part I found I saw eye to eye with him up until some of his take on 1 Cor. 11.

    Thanks for those.
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    • Forgot this (I studied each part in detail).

      At the end of 1 Cor. 11, Paul mentions some of their own having ended up sick; even dying.

      He then goes into their selfishness in their deployment of the gifts, in the next chapter.

      That was why some were sick and some had even died; to the condemnation of their testimony before the world they'd been called not to be like in the sight of God, they had failed to deploy the healing gifts towards those in need out of their pettiness...

      This was one screwed up assembly...this result and its testimony had been their chastening by their own hand...