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This is a new section being rolled out to attract people interested in exploring the origins of the universe and the earth from a biblical perspective.
Debate is encouraged and opposing viewpoints are welcome to post but certain rules must be followed.
1. No abusive tagging - if abusive tags are found - they will be deleted and disabled by the Admin team
2. No calling the biblical accounts a fable - fairy tale ect. This is a Christian site, so members that participate here must be respectful in their disagreement.
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Evolution and Atheism have both been Proven to be False Religions

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    Methinks mtwilcox is a fan of the Gish Gallop.



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      mtwilcox wrote to chair:
      Originally posted by mtwilcox View Post
      To me Science means “Observable Truth”.

      How do you define the term Science?
      chair reacted by writing to mtwilcox:
      Originally posted by chair View Post

      Well, if you ever learn what science really is, let me know.
      Then, Right Divider called chair on chair's trolling--on chair's stonewalling against the question asked him by mtwilcox:

      Originally posted by Right Divider View Post
      The NEXT sentence in his post was "How do you define the term Science?".

      Why didn't you just answer that instead of making that silly post?
      I like how these transactions occurred on 30 October 2019, and, how, so far--over fifty days since--chair has still yet to even attempt to answer the question asked him by mtwilcox.

      But, at least chair, in his reaction, above, has admitted that, in chair's view, "what science really is" is NOT observable truth. And, since chair calls Darwinism "science", he has therein admitted that Darwinism is NOT observable truth.

      All my ancestors are human.
      PS: All your ancestors are human.
      PPS: To all you cats, dogs, monkeys, and other assorted house pets whose masters are outsourcing the task of TOL post-writing to you (we know who you are )– you may disregard the PS.