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    Originally posted by wonderingjew View Post
    Exodus 31:18 speaks to who and where the commandments were written. When upon further examination we see the intended placement of these were for hearts of flesh but we had none such a device. Deut. 10:16 declares a type of circumcision for us to perform; one that of our hearts and not just our flesh. How do we attain a heart of flesh in which the commandments may be written upon?
    Our journey from Egypt took only one night and as we fled we had been saved from all our slavery and bondage. 50 days later we received the commandments on the stone tablets, thereby possesing the words of life in which we learned how to approach G-d and how to treat one another.
    Each Christian in like manner receives salvation, and with this we cannnot leave out the 50 days later in the Acts where the Ruach Ha'Kodesh appears and begins to teach us how to approach G-d and how to treat one another. The example of Annanias and Sephira is poignant as well as the many languages heard in Jerusalem that day. Our heart of flesh is a gift from G-d and our salvation is assured however, what kind of a King gathers his army and then refuses to train them because after all, just being accepted and joining this service somehow metaphorically or by osmosis do they become warriors or transport or supply or any position needed to wage a successful campaign.
    It is our heart of stone that is contrary and bears enmity toward G-d and His commandments, not as falsely reported that somehow G-ds own commandments are our enemy or even is His enemy. So I was wondering how do we get a heart of flesh as a member of the Christian world? Does it take a long time or can it be given to us in completion all at once?
    hello wonder, i suppose for some it can happen all at once. for me, and generally speaking i think it takes time. each person is at a different place in their walk. Paul speaks of circumsision of the heart. there are many on tol that could tell you more right this second, i will look that up and read again. i know i understood it when i read it. i'm not great at explaining. does your tradition forbid saying or spelling the name of God ? i ain't skurred


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      Leviticus 22:31-32 is where this thought is originating from and yes it is one expression of an attempt to keep Ha'Shem (The Name) holy. Phil. 2:9 is a great passage also because we see the Fathers love for the Son here in exalting His name above all other names. My typing is generally in a manner consistent with being sensitive to not only the Goyim but also to the Hebrew people.


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        Originally posted by wonderingjew View Post
        Thanks I do agree that Israel will all be saved but consider the text concerning Ruth. Is this book not a wonderful revelation of how anyone even a Moabite can become part of G-ds family. I was wondering who Ephraim is in the endtime sripture? Fruit is listed quite plainly in the scripture. Forgive me I was under the impression that we all may have read that part.
        As to Letsargue, I wonder if the Son of YHVH had G-ds blood in Him or not? Hmm. Comparing Messiah to us in this fashion seems slightly interesting however, to clarify; Isaiah 64:4-7 or so seem self explanatory.

        God's "family" is not racial nor ethnical.

        God does not consist of flesh and blood by nature.

        Triune God is purely spiritual.

        All "Israel" is the body of believers, saved by grace, through faith in the promises of Jesus Christ, alone.

        Flesh and blood creatures, out of all nationalities, have been adopted as ~spiritual children~ through the Mediatorship and bloody sacrifice of Jesus Christ, alone.
        "The immutable God never learned anything and never changed his mind. He knew everything from eternity."

        " The difference between faith and saving faith are the propositions believed."
        Gordon H. Clark

        "If a man be lost, God must not have the blame for it; but if a man be saved, God must have the glory of it."
        Charles Spurgeon


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          Originally posted by Jacob View Post

          I observe and I am curious about Zechariah 14. I only don't wear tzit-tzit. I was born a Gentile but I am circumcised.
          I wear tzit-tzit as a Jew.