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toldailytopic: website pros and cons.

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  • Originally posted by Lovejoy View Post
    Pro: You can assume that most of the registered users here know why they have chosen to participate on TOL

    Con: You can assume that the rest of the registered users here are Joey Arnold.

    Trust no one!
    Pros are in possibilities. The cons are in the rule contradiction paradox. I am taking a stand against the paradox confusion. Why is everybody so against Oatmeal Joey Arnold of L4OJ & GYJO & NLG? Love Joy, trust nobody? Isn't that life? Life is all about the balance, the struggle, the tugawar between trust vs. comfort within self. Can you ever trust anybody? Trust involves risk. The benefits for risking trust, for taking a risk to trust somebody, for going out of your way in doing that, can definitely outweigh the alternatives. Farther, the cons are in the grey matter that exists at TOL. You never know when you may get banned. It is very tough to know. I would rather ban comments instead of banning people. I would delete bad comments before deleting Osama Bin Laden.


    • Pro: Kett has not complained about my current avatar.

      Con: Kinda figured she would, I needed a laugh. That's not why I changed it or why I'm using this picture, but still, she likes to whine and complain about my avatars.