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    Never really thought about it until the day I did. Completed all my contracts and and retired my contracts with the Feds. Lasted about twenty minutes before I was asked to take a part-timer day gig which I did. Leaves me plenty of time to do what I want to do.

    Retirement for me is doing what I want to do. Which is whatever shiny object triggers my curiosity. The world is full of shiny objects.


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      Share my recipe for bacon-habanero-cheese-pizza with the world.
      Whoa. How about right now? (mouth-watering smiley)
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        ... move to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, South Carolina.
        "That man of sin must first be revealed." -- Jesus

        If you haven't tried: you've already failed. -- Aimiel


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          I am already retired. Retired US Navy. I was forced to retire due to medical issues. I don't have one of those unrealistic dream retirements. Mine is a more realistic one. What I do in my retirement: I am a puppeteer for Child Evangelism on Tuesday afternoons. Thursdays I play a violin in a local orchestra. I also drive a van for a handicapped man. On those days where you don't see me on here, I am probably driving the van or playing my violin.

          June is Gay Pride Month.Tolerance and diversity? ☞ More like tolerate perversity.☠


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            Travel around the world if I have money!

            Travel all of the US fifty states and Canada!

            Volunteer my time to worthwhile organizations and events.

            Put Christ first and foremost in everything that I do.

            These are big Just IFS!!
            Happy November to Remember!