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360 Video: Inside the Tomb of St. Peter at the Vatican

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  • 360 Video: Inside the Tomb of St. Peter at the Vatican

    360 Video: Inside the Tomb of St. Peter at the Vatican

    From TG: I am borrowing this from another thread. It is really fascinating to me.

    Fascinating video!

    Yahoo News was granted rare access to film inside the Vatican Grottos, a series of chapels and papal tombs located directly beneath the famous St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. In 360 degrees, the final resting places of popes dating back to the Middle Ages can be viewed on a virtual tour narrated by Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric.

    Of the 266 Popes throughout history, approximately 100 of them are buried below the basilica. On the tour, viewers will see monuments to Pope Nicholas the Fifth, Pope Innocent the Seventh, and Pope Paul the Second, among others.
    In an exclusive and stunning conclusion to the tour, Yahoo News filmed the tomb of St. Peter, the man Catholics call the “First Pope,” one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. The remains of Peter are located directly beneath the altar where Pope Francis celebrates Mass, and create a literal foundation for the Church and its deep and storied history.

    Play the video then put your mouse on the video and move

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    Sistine Chapel in Vatican City Vatican 3D Virtual Tours

    It's known as the most famous chapel in the world. Generation after generation, its priceless artwork is admired by art lovers. For centuries its frescoes have witnessed the conclave, when the successor of Peter is elected to lead the Church.

    Go here for the tour:


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      Between 320 and 327, Constantine built a five-aisled basilica atop the early Christian necropolis that was purported to be Peter's resting place.[17] Much of the Vatican Hill was leveled to provide a firm foundation for the first St. Peter's Basilica. The altar of the Basilica was planned to be located directly over the tomb. The matter was complicated by the upper chamber or memoria above the vault. This upper chamber had become endeared to the Romans during the ages of persecution, and they were unwilling that it should be destroyed.[16] The memoria was turned into the Chapel of the Confession. Above that was the main floor of the Basilica, with the raised altar directly over the Chapel of the Confession.


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        The secret search to find St. Peter’s remains
        John O'Neill, author of 'The Fisherman's Tomb: The True Story of The Vatican's Secret Search,' discusses the incredible quest that led to the discovery of St. Peter's tomb.


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          Pope Pius XII and St. Peter's Tomb


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            Is it really the Tomb of Saint Peter under Saint Peter’s Basilica?
            So here’s my final post of this three-part series about the Vatican Necropolis under Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Tomb of Saint Peter.