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    Originally posted by Town Heretic View Post
    I sometimes speak to Faulkner's perspective on the Southern and Northern racist. He said that the Southern racist hated the race and loved the individual, while the Northern racist loved the race and hated the individual.
    My dad was from south of the Mason/Dixon line, so that makes sense.

    One of my grandfathers was that sort of racist. He could say horrible things about the race, but everyone he knew of color was an "exception"...and my grandmother, well, after she died there was a steady stream of people from down the hill (communities where blacks lived, along with poor whites) to relate how often she'd be present and ready to offer help and support during hard times and illness. There was this peculiar compartmentalization that happened in many of that generation...I never really understood it, but I'm glad that it existed in the sense that it at least revealed the more common humanity underneath the ignorant traditions and instructions that they received as children, a thing that weakened with generations coming after them.
    I think so. For one thing, racists in the old days were honest enough to admit it. Today, most of them try to hide it or make excuses for it. Integrity seems to have weakened among them as well.
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