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Freddie Gray – Records Indicate Spinal Injury Pre-existing

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  • The map and timeline shown here are very telling:

    Instead of going directly to the police station after the arrest, the van veers way off (stop 2 and the mysterious stop 3 which the police never mentioned until they got caught by private camera). This lends credence to the "rough ride" scenario. The "depraved heart" murder charge against the driver is also indicative that the DA has evidence that the driver intended to harm Freddie with intentional reckless driving. The failure to put him in a seat-belt may also have been intentional.
    The universe itself is more impressive and majestic than any god could ever hope to be. The mind of man is an amazing byproduct of an amazing universe. We should relish that thought, marvel at it, and continue to unravel the mystery of not what is "behind" the universe, but what the universe is.


    • Yep, that "depraved" bit jumped out at me too. This whole situation just stinks to holy hell.


      • Originally posted by Caino View Post
        But the Tea Party never acted like that, you live in the caricature delusion created by liars.
        Tea party got so bad, they went into hiding. They were embarrassed being carelss and goofy
        Calibrated by the Gospel


        • Can't wait to see how the Fox News crowd spins this one.

          Actually, no. I can.