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  • Hello, popping back in from a LONG haitus! Hope all is well...just posted in our UB thread :) - back to the merry go around lol
    Nice post!
    Yes, just posting to keep the thread out there.
    HI caino, saw some of ur postings on the Trinity thread,...the thing is, some people are not familiar with the Trinity concept explained in the UB, so might be best to discuss those more in that thread, I know its kind of an island to itself, and most of the fundies dont even go there, but maybe some readers are following along and find the UB interesting. Those gridlocked in dogma cant be helped, until spirit leads expands and encourages research and new discovery. I added a response to 'The Supreme Being' post of yours,..if u wanted to respond.
    Dont forget to positive vote for the UB thread :) - it can no longer be defended that one has the sole and absolute truth, but that one observe and respect truth wherever it is found :)
    Keeping in mind any interesting cross corellaries of the UB account and gospels, there are some interesting UB notes on gospel dates and authors, - maybe see if any other historical records can colloborate those points. There is an zany-er gospel called the Talmud of Jmmanuel, its pretty fun, more cosmic, but the spiritual teaching for the most part is pretty spot on, focusing on spirit truth, divine principles, and a kind of neo-humanist social gospel, based on universal law, conduct and principle.
    Hi Caino, despite my recent expanding and explorations taking a more critical liberal route,...I hope we can continue to collobrate where we can :) - I'm taking the 'creative dialogue' aspect to new heights lol
    Hi Caino,....I tried to private message you, but your inbox is FULL. Could u go thru and delete some messages to make ROOM to receive new messages? Thanks.
    Hi Caino, can u let me know if the last video I posted in the UB thread comes in ok for you? It wasn't playing for me last few times I tried. Probably just connection issues at the time. thanks :)
    Ok...looked at other vids that got embedded and copied the url code in editor mode. Fixed UB post. Will figure out what's going on ;) using a mobile device to post could be part of it.
    Hi Caino.....Thanks for the Laniakea info. I've added more on this on the UB thread :thumb: using my kindle tablet to post and looks like my YouTube post won't just shows the link :( ill try 2 fix that on my desktop soon :)
    Hiya, Hope all is well :) - see my last post here & here ;) - looks like the tar pots n feathers are gonna fly :)
    Hi Caino....I was just correcting serpentdove who has you listed you as a Jehovah's witness on his heretic list.
    Hi Caino,....can you from now on quote UB passages in 'Navy' instead of 'Blue'? I think its easier on the eyes (less brightness/glare) and easier to read too. Let me know your thoughts on this. I've been doing the 'navy' for UB quotes.
    Caino,....when responding hit the 'View Conversation' button in lower right your response goes to my profile page, I can know you responded and read your response there, otherwise your response just goes to your profile page, and I don't know if you responded or not, unless I visit your page. Also,....might u think of a cool avatar to use? Be creative,...find a cool one...and u can change em around whenever you like.
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