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    Hello all,

    Watched a fun and interesting movie that has peaked an interesting thought. The movie is called "after dark."

    A group of students are lead in a theoretical scenario during an atomic apacolypse. Lucky enough, there is a bunker near them. But it can only sustain life for 10 during the next* year. So the discussion begins: who is in and who is left out?

    Perameters for the discussion was:
    goal is* to sustain human species.
    there are several bunkers around world which would allow 10k to repopulate.
    bunker had compresed air to last a year for 10.
    Everyone votes (or at least everyone was voting)

    We may not be able to have the same type of discussion here, but if anyone figures out how - please post a new thread. that would be interesting.

    On here, however, I wish to examine your thoughts on the following questions...

    1. how would you consider/approach the presented problem?

    2. how would you defend yourself verbally to get a vote.

    3. what philisophical theories or concepts or theological concerns would play a part in this type of scenario?

    Feel free to add variables or topics you think may be missing.

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