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    What is your opinion of taking college classes through distance learning? I earned two bachelor's degrees- one degree on-campus and another (computer science) through distance learning. The computer science classes that I took through distance learning were academically rigorous. They were just like the ones on campus- similar exams, programming projects, and reading assignments. A proctor was required for all of my exams. Most of the exams did not have any multiple-choice questions. The exam questions were mostly problems/computational questions, essay-type questions, or questions that involved writing code. I would log on to my school's server remotely in order to do the programming assignments.

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    Major universities are now offering distance learning programs. I believe it's the wave of the future and this will give more people access to higher education.
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      Like most things you get what you paid for. Online courses are more expensive than a seated class - don't understand that.
      The university's accreditation also means something, the best online course work is done with a local university, your exams are proctored, not online, you have to go to the college and take the exam. It also allows you easy access to an instructor, records, finance, rather than having to communicate everything through e-mail.
      But the online course work allows so much more flexibility in schedules.

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        i'm taking online courses this semester - i prefer face classes, but these fit my schedule

        they seem as rigorous as the similar face classes i took last semester


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          REZ ,

          Have you ever thought of taking a Clothing design course or a Brain Surgeon Correspondence course
          putting out a shingle ?


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            clothing design?


            working on the brane sirjun thingie


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              I think it depends on the subject matter.

              For example, a computer programming class in which students are working with software could be easily taught remotely, since the software could be purchased and installed on each student's home computer.

              On the other hand, a creative writing workshop class which requires active discussion from all participants wouldn't work as well in an online setting.

              I'm in the process of starting on my Masters in English, and it's looking like my first semester will be online due to the location of the university I wish to attend (my BA alma mater) and its distance from my current residence.

              One issue that I keep hearing about in connection with distance learning is that smaller colleges and universities are co-opting professors from Ivy League and other major universities in the form of video lectures online in order to avoid paying for their own instructors.
              As an aspiring college professor, this screams corrupt business practices, especially as tuition and student debt continue to soar, college instructor pay remains stagnant, but university administrator pay increases.
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                Originally posted by The Berean View Post
                Major universities are now offering distance learning programs. I believe it's the wave of the future and this will give more people access to higher education.
                I agree that it gives more people access to higher education. It's a convenient form of education. Distance learning classes can fit around someone's work schedule.