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    I don't know for sure why I'm posting this but I keep getting the prompting to do this.

    My wife works for someone who practices alternate healthcare methods. Due to that I've used one of the product she sells a couple of times with incredible results.

    Let me say up front I have no connection with the company that makes it and neither will I make a penny off of anyone who buys this stuff. This post is all about hoping this information will benefit somebody besides me.

    A couple of years ago I weighed 350 lbs. I could barely walk a city block due to pain levels and being utterly worn out. We live right across the street from a city park, and about a block from my house there was a bench I could sit on and rest. So I would walk to there, sit down and rest a while and let the pain levels subside and then walk back home. One day while doing this I stepped on a small piece of a fallen branch (there a a lot of trees in this park), It didn't look dangerous as it was only about a 1/2 inch in diameter and about 18 inches long. Unfortunately there was enough of a bend in it that when I stepped on the left end of that stick the other end came up and cut my right foot out from under me when I caught my right toe on it. I fell with all my weight on my right knee. By the time I could get up and walk the half a block home I could feel it swelling and the pain coming on.

    Once I got home I took a look at my knee. It was already swelling and and the top and sides of it were turning black and blue. I looked at that thought well, it's going to be at least a couple of weeks before I'll be able to walk my dog to the park and back because in less than 10 minutes the signs of bruising and trauma to my knee were already plain. My wife happened to be home for lunch, took on look at my knee and said, Oh, that looks nasty. Then she got out of tube of something called Renu 28 from a company named ASEA. She smeared that stuff around on the top and sides of knee and then left for work again. Ten minutes later I noticed my knee had not gotten appreciably worse. A couple of hours later I put another application of it on my knee. By the end of the day the bruising was already starting to disappear from my knee, and the swelling was down to somewhere near normal. I put Renu 28 on my knee twice more in the next two days and my knee was completely back to normal except where I didn't put the Renu 28. On the back side of my knee there was a bluish green streak that ran half way down my calf as there had been a lot of internal bleeding going on in that knee, but the vast majority of it had been taken care of by the Renu 28.

    I had gone from visions of needing crutches to move around to being able to walk normally at all times.

    I have one other experience with this stuff. I was walking in the snow a few days ago. We have more than a foot of snow on the ground, and I didn't see what I ended up kicking with my right foot. I did it hard enough to make me take a nosedive into the snow. I felt some discomfort in my big toe the rest of that day but didn't think much of it. When I took my boots off my toe hurt so bad I had a tough time removing my boots. And when I took my socks off I couldn't believe the sight of my big toe. It was the color of a red Thompson seedless grape from the base of my toenail up to the joint where the toe attaches to the foot. And the bruising was extending into the top of my foot for a couple of inches. The toe and the top of my foot were both swollen too.

    The next morning I put Renu 28 on that toe and put a bandage over it. I got into my boots, just barely as the pain of pushing my foot into my boot was pretty intense. I put another application of Renu on the next morning. It had already reduced the shade of the red in my toe and reduced the swelling in my toe and the top of my foot. I did the same again the next morning and upon inspection most of deep red was gone out of my toe and the pain of putting on my boots as significantly less than it had been. I repeated the treatment the next day twice. Once in the morning and once in the evening. That brings me to today. All pain and swelling is gone along with all the deep red in my toe. There is some pale red left right at the base of my toenail, but that's it.

    Renu has worked almost miraculously for me in treating trauma and the resulting bruising and swelling. It's saved me from trips to the doctor, prescription costs, and needing crutches twice. And what is it? It's water that has been ionized and evaporated until it's a gel. I know. I know. The medical community scoffs at the idea that ionized water can do anything medicinal. All I know is what it has done for me and my wife.

    My wife first got this stuff because she had sliced the palm of her hand open a couple of inches in length and about 1/4 in or so deep. She applied the Renu and bandaged it a couple of times a day and within 3 days or so you couldn't tell where she had cut herself. That wound was completely healed and left no scar.

    This stuff is not cheap, but it's a lot more economical than visits to the doctor, prescriptions, and devices like crutches. I get it at cost so I don't know the retail price of the product. At cost it's around $40 for a 2.7 ounce tube of it. While it doesn't sound like a lot of product it's effective enough that one tube healed my wife's hand, my knee, and my toe. So if there is anyone out there that needs some help in this type of situation I wholeheartedly endorse this stuff because of how well it has worked for me.
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