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BREAKING STORY: Sam Donaldson is an Alien

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    Originally posted by Knight View Post
    Whoa.... this is getting really strange!
    Knight, Klaatu barada nikto!!!
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      Originally posted by Knight View Post
      Check out this breaking AP story....

      3 Bodies Found on Donaldson Ranch in N.M.
      Jul 7, 4:53 PM (ET)

      HONDO, N.M. (AP) - Three people were found slain on a New Mexico ranch owned by ABC newsman Sam Donaldson, authorities said Wednesday.

      Sheriff Tom Sullivan said Donaldson went to the house of his ranch manager on Tuesday and discovered an "obvious crime scene."

      Once sheriff's deputies searched the area, they found the bodies of a male and two females, he said. Their identities were not released.

      Sullivan said Donaldson was not a suspect and was cooperating with the investigation.

      Donaldson owns three ranches in New Mexico and has extensive ties to the state. He grew up on a cotton farm in New Mexico and graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell.
      I didn't know Sam Donaldson was from Roswell New Mexico!!!!

      But I should have known.

      The dude is an obvious alien
      I found a picture of the investigators at Sam's ranch. BTW, my bro "Guysmiley" went to NMMI for a year. Think I should I keep an eye on him?
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