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Agent Smith 11-16-03

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  • Agent Smith 11-16-03

    I know it's early in the day but this is a great post.

    Great post geralduk!

    Originally posted by geralduk
    Well who are we to believe?

    The WORD of God or the reasoning and wisdom of men?

    Concerning LAZERUS Jesus said there " was ONCE a MAN"

    The PARABLES all start along the lines of 'the kingdom of God is likened unto.,.../
    The parables all concerned the kingdom of God.
    This account was concening hell and the CONSEQUENCES of living without God.

    You seem to have forgotten that man is "BORN in sin and shapen in iniquity"
    That means that as he is born of ADAMS seed and as Adam being the head of this generation when he corrupted himself he corrupted his seed also.
    and when He through sin became subject to death so to did his seed inherit death also. and became subject to the law of sin and death.
    So we are ALL born IN SIN.
    He was CREATED in the image of God.
    But there too when he sinned that 'image' was lost or marred.
    and so we are SHAPEN in ADAMS image and therefore "iniquity"
    and even as they were cast OUT OF THE GARDEN and God's blessing and came under a CURSE.
    So are those who reject CHRIST are CAST out of the KINGDOM.
    For it is written"that everything that doth offend will be cast out"

    Sin SEPERATES men from God.
    God spoke and said that "in the DAY you eat thereof you will surely DIE"
    The devil changed the truth(you shalll SURELY die) into a LIE(thou shalt NOT surely die)
    and they rejecting the truth and beleiveing the lie PERISHED.
    Some argue that they did not die.
    Thus showing which side they are on already.
    For they look on the OUTWARD APEARENCE of things and not the heart.
    When the cable companies have laid the cable lines in the tree lined streets of LONDON.
    They have in doing so CUT THROUGH the ROOTS of the trees planted THERE.
    and having done thier work covered it up and to all APEARENCES nothing has happened.
    Yet in TRUTH the trees are ALREADY dead.
    seeing that they have been CUT OFF AT THE ROOT.
    and though they might 'live' a while longer they do so only because of the 'life' they have inherent in the trunk. and the food from the sun.
    Yet the INVISIBLE part and from which its MAIN STRENGTH and life COMES FROM has been severed.
    Adam 'lived' for over 800 years after they were cast out.
    That just shows the MEASURE of LIFE God gave them.
    But that was when it was GREEN
    Now when it is dry we live "three score and ten"
    Note that though God had given them a "covering' yet it was NOT what they had before.
    and where as before they were IN the garden NOW they were OUTSIDE and BARRED from entering.
    and where as God gave them a PROMISE of a savour YET they had to live with the consequences OF THEIR ACTIONS.

    Has God changed?

    If then He cast THEM out of His presence because the rejected the WORD OF LIFE.
    HOW MUCH THEN THE MORE will He cast them out who reject the WORD made flesh?
    There is more.
    The LIFE God gave them though perfect wasx CORRUPTABLE.
    not that they were created corrupt but that they could be corrupted .
    and while God had given them His Word that they might LIVE and NOT die.
    Yet they by so rejecting CORRUPTED THEMSELVES and the FLESH which God gave them.
    and that corruption manifests itself in our bodies and we eventualy die.
    Now Jesus said He came to "seek and to save that which was lost"
    This then INCLUDES not only the salavtion of the SOUL.
    But the REDEMEMPTION of the BODY.
    and the establishment or restoration of Gods image in man.

    If then we reject the FULL salvation of God.
    Our SOUL is LOST with no recourse.
    and we have that INIQUITY still to be dealt with.

    God created the heaven and the earth and on it He put man.
    Now "the EARTH is the LORDS and ALL the fullness thereof" and the heaven is His dwelling place.

    If then we reject both God and HIS SALVATION.
    Where then CAN WE GO?

    For;if you will ,the EARTH,while he 'lives' is MANS dwelling place.
    But HEAVEN is GODS.
    I f then we give no room to God in 'our' house.
    Why hten is it thought unreasonable that we findno room in HIS?

    It is in fact wriitten that there was "NO PLACE FOUND FOR THEM"

    More there is the BROAD way that leadeth to destruction.
    and there sis the NARROW way tht leadeth unto life.
    If then we reject Gods way and go another way ultimately we are going the SAME way as the devil.
    and if so IS IT THEN UNREASONABLE to think that we will FINISH UP IN THE SAME PLACE as he will ?

    "But God is not willing that ANY should perish but that ALL shoulkd come to the knowledge of the truth"

    The TRUTH?

    Concerning the RIGHT WAY and perhaps the way we are on now.
    Concerning that we " MUST be BORNagain"
    Now I dont no about you but that 'MUST' is an IMPERATIVE!
    a ESSENTIAL thing we MUST do!
    its IMPORTANT and VITAL that we ARE BORNagain.

    and if there is ANY doubt.
    Look at CALVARY.


    and if we hold to our sin and do not repent.................?

    Calvary you will see Gods JUDGEMENT of sin.

    There you will see GODS TOTAL COMMITTMENT to RIGHTOUSNESS and opposition to sin.

    There you will see what GOD thinks about sin the depth hight and breadth of it.

    There you will see that if He turned His back on His only begoten Son when "He who knew no sin became sin" then what will He do with those who reject His WAY OF SALAVATION AND REJECT CHRIST?

    Therefore the story of lazerus and the rich man is an ACCOUNT of what happened to BOTH.

    Where as LAZURUS wen to the bososm of Abraham the rich man went to hell.
    and there found no REST OR PEACE.

    Nor was there any means by which he could be helped .
    For is it not written that " every good and perfect gift cometh fro the FATHER above"?
    If then we have REJECTED the father how then can our needs be met which Hesuplieth everyday?

    More if our BODIES are perished how then can we drink though we may still thirst?
    aND HOW WILL WE meet our hunger?

    For man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.

    How then can we eat and drink if we have CUT OURSELVES OFF from Him who suplieth all of our needs?

    Therefore hell is REAL it is a 'place' where we are ETERNALY SEPERATED from God with no chance of repreive.

    For it is apointed unto man ONCE to die then cometh the JUDGEMENT.
    AND THERE IS "NO repentance in the grave" or "work"

    Therefore "you MUST be BORNagain"

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    Good call
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