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Knight's POTD 03-01-2007

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  • Knight's POTD 03-01-2007

    Originally posted by Eowyn
    I guess my 2 cents would be this: I was home schooled from K-12, I am now in college planning on becoming an RN. Obviously every one's experience will differ slightly but I was in no way held back because of my education. I had friends, was involved in sports, went to camp, and managed to learn my abc's, my times tables, and how to read as well.

    Neither of my parents graduated from college and they managed to teach all four of their kids just fine. There are so many resources to help parents out these days it's ridiculous! I can see liberal non-Christians bashing home schooling, that makes sense, they aren't the smartest folks around. But it bothers me when Christians slam home schooling parents without thinking about it in a Biblical way.

    More important than just academics, my parents were able to instill in me a love for other people and a desire for a deep, genuine relationship with my Savior. Can Christian parents do this with their kids in public school? Yes, but I have seen with several friends how much harder it can be. I saw the many, many sacrifices my parents made to home school us. It's not always easy, it's expensive at times, and as seen in this thread you don't always have a lot of support. They did it because they loved us enough to open their eyes to the horrors of public school and save us from years of bad influence. It's certainly not the easy way out and I respect both my mom and dad immensely for the sacrifice they made for me and my brothers

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    Excellent post. I bet her parents would be ecstatic to read that!


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      grace & peace


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