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Knight's pick 5-06-2011

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  • Knight's pick 5-06-2011

    Perfectly stated!!!
    Originally posted by GuySmiley
    Originally posted by Newman
    That's fine -- go jubilate, as long as you realize your jubilating the death of an enemy created, funded, supported, and motivated by our foreign policy.
    Its old news. Everyone realizes that. We used him when it was in our interest, just like he used us when it was in his interest, but things changed and he sent people to fly planes into our buildings. We didn't make him send people to fly planes into our buildings. He did that on his own because he was mad at somethings we did. Now he's dead and its good. Good for us.

    Want to know something real shocking . . . but keep it between us . . . we were allies with the USSR during WW II when we had common interests, but then later, when our interests were at odds with each other we weren't allies anymore!
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    Originally posted by Knight View Post
    Perfectly stated!!!
    Agreed. That was spot on.
    The Author of all watches over me, and I have a fine horse.

    Abortion is murder. Period.