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Knight's pick 1-14-2011

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  • Knight's pick 1-14-2011

    The ever changing evolutionary landscape. Well said nicholsmom.
    Originally posted by nicholsmom View Post
    Originally posted by taikoo View Post
    ... No data exists that would falsify it. if somehow it were to be falsified, it would be the virtual destruction or complete destruction of all theory in all of the physical sciences. That is how tightly they are linked.
    Could this actually happen, though, taikoo? It seems to me that there isn't anything that could really falsify the ever-changing theory of the progression of things along evolutionary paths. It looks, from my vantage, like whenever any new data comes along that would tend to falsify it, the picture of evolution changes to fit the new data.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree that our perception of the way things work should change with new information, but the theory of evolution is such an evolving thing as to render it unfalsifiable - or so it would appear.

    What possible natural evidence would tend to falsify evolution rather than cause a major shift in the interpretation of the data so as to create a new model for evolution?

    Oh right: what does evolution have to do with basic chemistry, the laws of motion, thermodynamics, electro-magnetism, that sort of thing? Not that these aren't used in the sciences concerning the study of evolution, just how would falsification of the ToE alter them?
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    You aren't what you eat, but you're always what you swallow.



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      Thanks for noticing


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        Great post!

        June is Gay Pride Month.Tolerance and diversity? ☞ More like tolerate perversity.☠


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          Where is the evidence for a global flood?
          "the best maths don't need no stinkin' numbers"

          "The waters under the 'expanse' were under the crust."
          -Bob B.


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            The most obvious rejoinder to the claim that evolution is unfalsifiable is to point out that all creationists know perfectly well that evolution is falsifiable, as demonstrated by the fact that they keep making claims which, if accurate, would prove the theory of evolution false.
            There are many ways to falsify evolution. Find a bunny fossil in the Precambrian. That'll do it. Also, if we wouldn't have had the fused chromosomes that we do have, ToE would have taken a major blow.

            Here's some more:
            • If it could be shown that mutations do not occur.
            • If it could be shown that, although mutations do occur, they are not passed down through the generations.
            • If it could be shown that, although mutations are passed down, no mutation could produce the sort of phenotypic changes that drive natural selection.
            • If it could be shown that selection or environmental pressures do not favor the reproductive success of better adapted individuals.


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              Originally posted by Town Heretic View Post
              I hope this was sarcasm.