If you deny the deity of Jesus, you deny His resurrection; your rational, those of you who you believe the Salvation of Christ was the work of the Father, is your failure to grasp the reality that salvation is though Christ. The Father is the creator, not the saviour, as the Holy Spirit is the Grace which leads us to salvation. Do you believe in some linked form of polytheism? The Father is all, or you must believe to be monotheistic, right? This is such simplistic thinking! God is more than we are able to understand; we are not here to figure out who God is, rather to have faith in salvation through Christ.

Why do you who deny the deity of Jesus? Is it because you think God is limited to one form, one physical entity? Why not look beyond this; see the truth, God is the creator and the saviour and that which regenerates our souls. All is of one God, who has a plan for the world. We are not here to figure it all out, but to understand through faith. God gave the Law, to show the impossibility to avoid sin. God intended to be our redeemer and did so by being in this world in the flesh, living amongst us to help us have faith through a human voice, but so many still deny the deity of that voice! You think Jesus was the same as a human son, Gods’ child, Mary is biological mother, that he was a Jew by birth.

None of this is correct! Yes, Jesus was born into the family of those who believed in God and had the best understanding, He was able to show the Pharisees their faults and spoke the truth to them. Jesus was not just a great prophet, like the myths of the half-human/half-god creatures of mythology. Jesus did not favour one nation, but came to save all of us, not a select few who worshipped him; He was not a human-like immortal, such as Apollo, or Zeus/Jupiter. God was made flesh to show us He was able to live amongst us, not to show us he was just a man. He died in the flesh to pay the only penance for us that was acceptable. Yes he was fully human and did experience fear and pain, He was flesh, yet this did not make him a lesser God, or not God! Jesus was not born, not even begotten, in the sense of those begotten by Eve. Jesus was God incarnate, He came here to teach and help us have faith.

Those of you who deny the divinity of Jesus do not know Him, and if you do not know Him, you do not know the Father, and will not receive the Holy Spirit. Get out of your heads and into your hearts, believe and have faith, as that is all that can save you.