Being a Christian

If you deny the deity of Jesus, you deny His resurrection; your rational, the Salvation of Christ was the work of the Father, is your failure to grasp the reality that salvation is though Christ. Why do you who deny the deity of Jesus? Is it because you think God is limited to one form, one physical entity? God is the creator and the saviour, regenerates our souls. All is of one God, who has a plan for the world. We are not here to figure it out, but to understand through faith. God gave the Law, to show the impossibility to avoid sin. God intended to be our redeemer, being in this world in the flesh, living amongst us to help us have faith through a human voice. You deny the deity of that voice! You think Jesus was the same as a human son, Gods’ child, Mary is biological mother, that he was a Jew by birth. None of this is correct! Yes, Jesus was born into the family of those who believed in God and had the best understanding, He was able to show the Pharisees their faults and spoke the truth to