I have heard it before, we all have, that is, those of us who know. The question: “If God is all good, then why did He not kill the devil?” We answer this in as many ways as we can, yet some are not satisfied; they think God should follow human logic, when, in reality, God does what is according to His plan! As we who know, God has a plan; it is for all of us, and beyond us, (Proverbs 25:3 KJV) it is a universal plan! I believe God’s plan was known from the beginning of time; He does not error, He does not conform to any force, but His own. When Satan rebelled, God knew that angel, some call ‘Morning Star’ would rebel, and God knew the workings in the mind of all creation, including the mind of Satan. Now, as I see it, God wants us to show Satan that we are able to have greater faith, without all the advantages Satan once had. The fallen angel knew God, he saw the presence of God in ways we can only imagine, yet knowing all, and to being so much more elevated, this creation choose to presume what seems stupid to me! He chose to be independent from God, to make his own self-created crystal heaven (Psalms 148:4 KJV) and be as great as God.

When God created men, He did not give all the wonders of heaven, not the perfect beauty, nor the vast intelligence, God made us to know though faith that we could be with Him and when that time comes, we will be a witness for God, to all fallen angels, the providence of God! We will be above the angels, for Jesus said ‘the last will be first’ and I believe that this means all of us who have faith will receive this reward. I believe the good angels look to us, even with their superior intellect and ability, their great beauty, they know that according to God’s plan, and we shall earn our rightful place in heaven. The angels marvel at us because they always knew about God, while we have only faith and scripture to guide us. Few, it is true, will have the faith, which brings us in communion with God, yet some of us do have the faith and it is not through great study, but though the goodness, which God bestows on us who are faithful.

When God’s plan for us is fulfilled, then Satan will fall by his own making! He will then know that he failed and must bear the punishment for turning away from God. He will, see that we had total faith while he did not and for this, all the rebelling angels will be cast down into the abyss.