Well where do I start? There is so much new stuff to tell you about TOL I have no idea where to begin!

First off, we are now on our own dedicated server. We have essentially 5 times the server resources that we had previously therefore you should notice much better performance. Thanks to everyone who donated during the TOL-a-THON, as you were the ones that made all of this possible.

Secondly, we have an entirely new and updated forum software. TOL is now more community oriented than ever! Social groups, customizable user profile page, user photo albums, and much more.

Third... TOL now has a BLOG feature so you can create your own blog entries as often as you wish and with TOL's power within the Google search engine you can be sure your blog will get noticed.

Last but not least TOL has an all-new logo, and "look-n-feel". We feel like this bright and bold new look for TOL will take us to the next level!