Seeking geology comments on bibliography of DELUGE OF SUSPSICIONS


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I may soon be trying to do local presentations on geologic formations and the Genesis deluge because I have a local driving guide so people in this national park area can actually see things out and about this summer.

My basic recent geology and paleo bibliography is in my novel DELUGE OF SUSPICIONS, which is a theft crime mystery.

Basically I follow the lead of geologists Baumgardner and Snelling on rate x time: that what we see around us generally had to be formed quickly in a catastrophe, not slowly in a uniformitarian scheme with few events.

In the novel, the three key terms are discussed and distinguished:

*geomorphology: this is a micro-concern about shapes of individual rocks; for ex., the type of crystal flecks on granite

*geologic formations: these are the macro issues of layers of sediment, seams of basalt, shapes of major flows of water and slurry piles

*geomythology: this is the science of correlating ancient myth about events with the geology found in those locations. Relative to all existing accounts, the Greek Deucalion, the Hebrew deluge, and the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh Epic are the most extensive, but there are hundreds.

Here is the biblography. I seek any kind of comment on it.

Combined Background Resources and Glossary from DELUGE OF SUSPICIONS
Marcus Sanford,
Please acknowledge if copying or reprinting.

Ager, D. THE NATURE OF THE STRATIGRAPHICAL PROCESS. A peer scientist disputes Lyell's basis for uniformitarianism by evidence about rapid deposition and the Epeiric sea over north America.


Armour, R. North American Indian Fairy Tales, Folklore and Legends, (1905). Ojibwe legend of Nanabohzo.

Appearance of Design. The recognition even by Dawkins that the earth and its occupants seem to be here and formed to be here by design.

Baugh, C. PRE-FLOOD ARTIFACT DEVASTATES UNIFORMITARIANISM. Youtube. A hammer made of sophisticated metal from England in a 'strata' where it does not 'belong.'

Baugh, C. THE WORLD AND MANKIND BEFORE THE FLOOD. Youtube. “Bizz-artifacts” of the ancient world re longevity, giantism.

Baumgardner, J. CATASTROPHIC PLATE TECTONICS; the key to understanding the Genesis Flood. Youtube.

"Biblical-Type Floods Are Real, and They're Absolutely Enormous" 2012-08-29.

Boudreaux. NEW THEORY FOR THE PRE-FLOOD CANOPY re sugilite, a trace found all over the earth's surface. Youtube.

Bretz, J H. 1920s. Geologic catastrophism in connection with Lake Missoula.

Brown, W. (various titles on the deluge and anomalies left around the world by it, but usually written apart from tectonic theory). Former DOD logistician.

Carbera, Dr. A Peruvian surgeon who located a human skull in tertiary material with dinosaurs.

CENTRALIA THEORY. A newer catastrophic view that the entire central 80% of Australia is a rapid deposit sedimentary zone as part of a global event.

Chima Channels, Peru. Advanced water supply systems that moved water 150 miles in 'primitive' times.

Clark, E. INDIAN LEGENDS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. One of the best collections. The great flood is a frequent subject.

Clemens, J. Research on granitic magmatism. Geologist Association of London.
Coconino. The layer of sandstone at Grand Canyon that is from northeast north America.


CREATION. A recent production of the domestic and social factors that mattered while Darwin wrote ORIGINS. 8700 articles.

Crone, B. IN THE DAYS OF NOAH. Giants, Ancient Technology and Noah's Ark. Part 2: A Glorious Civilization. A very complete collection of archeological and geological anomalies, however, some examples did not have to do with the Genesi flood as such.

Dona, K. ARTIFACTS FROM PRE-FLOOD WORLD & FALLEN ANGELS. Pres. By Habsburg Haus curator. Youtube. “Bizz-artefacts” of the ancient world.

Epeiric Sea. The worldwide ancient sea as referred to in scientific literature, to which Pangaea (one single continent) was the counterpart.

Farellian Law of Chance. 1:1 (50th) is the point of impossibility. Most of the critical doctrines of evolution and uniformitarianism are dependent on much less favorable odds.

FINDING NOAH. Oct.8.2015 limited screening.

Geo-mythology. The science of connecting ancient myth to its location's fossils or artefacts.

Giem, P. IS PLUTO YOUNG? Youtube.

GILGAMESH EPIC. Babylonian flood account as part of a search for eternal life after offending a female deity. Only Utnapushtim has eternal life; he responded to deity instructions to build a huge ship, titled The Preserver of Life, and survive a flood that would otherwise destroy all life. He took his family, village craftsmen, and baby animals.

Guthrie. FROZEN FAUNA... Research on the plant life around the time and place of the huge numbers of frozen mammoths.

Hancock, G. FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS. Former ECONOMIST correspondent compiles all the archeological and geological anomalies which orthodox science simply won't mention.

Haynes. MAMMOTHS... Research on the thousands of mammoths in permafrost.

Hovind, K. FLOOD OF NOAH. Youtube. Hundreds of flood legends around the world. Hovind tends to wander off topic.

Hovind, K. THOUSANDS OF DRAGON LEGENDS AROUND THE WORLD. Youtube. Hovind tends to wander off topic.

Howorth, 1887. Early research on mammoths unable to explain the huge numbers found in permafrost.

Hippolytus. Ancient Greek historian who described worldwide flood as consisting of water from below, and fire and earthquakes.

James-Griffiths, P. TRACING GENESIS THROUGH ANCIENT CULTURE. Youtube. Extensive and well-illustrated comparative legend and literature.

Jenkins Collection. A huge collection of Naszca materials that was extremely difficult to access for many years.

Job 9. 'God moves and overturns mountains.'


Langdell. Doctor of Law appointed at Harvard in 1879 primarily because he used ORIGIN OF SPECIES concepts and language to reshape American law.

LIVING WATERS. See nrbtv (Direct 378). This is a rich photoessay against several aspects of Darwinism.

Lewis, C. S. GOD IN THE DOCK. Among these essays, besides the one featured here, “The Myth That Became Fact” is a complete statement as to why we should expect near-replica accounts from all the ancient cultures that are 'memories' of what actually happened. Simply for the reason that it actually happened!

Lyell. Mid-1800s scientist who developed the idea of uniformitarianism 'to free geology from Moses.'

THE MAN WHO FOUND TIME. Re Hutton (mid-1700s) and the first attempts to state the view that there are vast amounts of time manifesting on earth.


Mayor, A. Folkorist and geomythologist. Her hypothesis was that seashells and marine fossils found inland and on mountains inspired worldwide flood legends.

Mial, A. (research on failures of uniformitariansm) Springer International Publishing.

Naval Observatory of Peru. One of the current locations of the former Jenkins collections of Nazsca stones and artefacts, along with the Aeronautical Museum of Peru.

National Geographic Society. (100 mammoths at Hot Springs, South Dakota).

Noa A Gomshi. Translation: Noah's Huge Boat. The local name for the Ararat area.

Noorberger, R. SECRETS OF THE LOST RACES. Peruvian and other evidence shows a very different world before a global deluge.

NOVA. Making North America. Nov. 2015. The usual uniformitarianism but just about north America and its dinosaurs. The metal particles sprayed around when an asteroid struck. “Every layer we see used to be the surface of the earth” in perfectly predictable order.

Nurre, P. EGYPTIAN CHRONOLOGY AND THE BIBLE. Comparing new archeology with Biblical record.

Oard, M. THE LAKE MISSOULA FLOOD. Seattle creation conference 2015. This event echos the Genesis flood and demonstrates what happens when a half-continent floods.

Oard, M. WHAT HAPPENED TO WOOLLY MAMMOTHS? Seattle creation conference 2015. Newest research on the thousands of mammoths frozen upright in permafrost, 'drowning' in loess.

Ocucaje village. Peruvian village where many of the sketched burial stones were found. Samples of methods of preserving human flesh. Excavated in 1950 by Solde. Patination confirmed by the University of Bonn.

Opisthotonic. The feature of many fossils which appear to have been pressed, flattened, or smashed by overwhelming force against a rock surface.

Physico-theologians. Those pastors and professors in the 1800s who believed God originated and sustained each organism on a micro level, but not in a pantheistic sense. 'In all life Thou livest / the true life of all.' Sometimes the view sounded quaint, but it was sheer skepticism and a desire for another outcome, not facts, that ridiculed it.

Pluto's mountains. A critical dating item which has lead in part to removing Pluto from the planet list because they are 'too young.'

Prescott, W. THE CONQUEST OF PERU. Early data on advanced civilization and young creation.

Psalm 104. The creation psalm with a few verses on the deluge, if not on Gen 1:2.

Psalm 136. The earth is set on top of water.

SATAPATHA BRAHMANA. The Hindu version of the great flood. The 1st man Manu is warned of impending flood and advised to build a giant boat.

Schaeffer, F. GENESIS IN SPACE AND TIME. A bit dated on some information, but mentioned the extensive accounts of massive flooding among South American peoples.

Siccar Point, Scotland. This site is contested as a clinching site by both uniformitarians and Biblical creation/deluge believers.

Silvestru, E. GEOLOGY AND DEEP TIME. Youtube. Vertical tectonics, rapid sedimentary deposits by a highly-trained ex-uniformitarian.

SHA NAQBA IMURU. Ancient Bablylonian text containing GILGAMESH EPIC. The title means “He who saw the deep.” (Deep = the unfathomable waters, oceans).

Snelling, A. WORLDWIDE FLOOD; GEOLOGIC EVIDENCE. Youtube. Demonstrates some calculations of how hundreds of feet of sediment could have been transferred 2000 miles.

Steno, N. Mid-1600s 'father of geology' and his Biblical basis.

Stratigraphy. The 'account' of earth history in the layers or strata of geology.

Superfault. A location where the mantle is known to have buckled between 100-10,000 meters in one moment.

Tihuanaca, Peru. Gateway to the Sun construction; metal staples to connect massive stones; temples similar to those in Cambodia; earthquake protection that has worked; widespread ethnicity in the facial carvings; jade used in carvings is from China.

Timeaus. Plato's account of a flood over the whole earth. A Titan named Prometheus tells Deucalion it is coming, who prepares and survives it.

Titikaka., Peru. Native boats memorialize sea-monster accounts.

Tolmachoff. 1929. Studies on woolly mammoths as anomalies.

Vereshagin. MAMMOTH CEMETERIES. Research on cause of death of thousands of mammoths in permafrost.


Walker, T. (THE GENESIS DELUGE). Seattle creation conference 2015. Worldwide samples of tectonic upheaval and sedimentary transfer.

Walker, T. MEGA-CATASTROPHE. Seattle creation conference 2015.

Wallace, A. NEW THOUGHTS ON EVOLUTION. 1910 critique of where it was headed. Material on Haeckl.

Waltke, B. CREATION AND CHAOS. Study of ancient near east legend to show how Gen 1's mission is to declare that the LORD is the redemptive-creator.

Ward. CALL OF THE DISTANT MOUNTAINS. Research on the anomalies of woolly mammoths.

Wikipedia. Final introductory quote about Genesis flood: “A world-wide deluge, such as described in Genesis, is incompatible with modern understanding of the natural history and especially geology and paleontology.”[24][25]

Wilberforce, W. English politician and evangelical Christian who helped end slavery and wrote a criticism of upper class life for its attempt to preserve slavery. To preserve it, evolutionary doctrines were accepted on both sides of the Channel.

Woodman. NASZCA; JOURNEY TO THE SEA. Their balloon technology scope similar to Kon Tiki and the sea.

Ziusudra Epic. Sumerian. The preflood kings lived enormous life spans. After the flood their lifespan is normal.


Novels dont usually have bibliographies.

And what you posted is a pretty poor bibliography for anything.


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Michener's had several pages sometimes, annotated, like this one. Check if you like, but he was no evangelical, and they were mostly GREAT novels.

re the "poor" in poor bibligraphy. Translation: even when it is 'peer review' if it goes against uniformitarianism, it is written-off.

For ex., WHo the heck cares if 2 British museum experts on antiquities say Genesis is the source, not the collusion, of ancient myth about fundamental cosmological and paleo reality?


Michener's had several pages sometimes, annotated, like this one. Check if you like, but he was no evangelical, and they were mostly GREAT novels.

re the "poor" in poor bibligraphy. Translation: even when it is 'peer review' if it goes against uniformitarianism, it is written-off.

For ex., WHo the heck cares if 2 British museum experts on antiquities say Genesis is the source, not the collusion, of ancient myth about fundamental cosmological and paleo reality?

Ah well, still a lousy bibliography.
Can't tell exactly where to find anything which is the reason for an actual bibliography.


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You will if you read through it a couple times. It helps to have the right questions. Check the three geologic terms in the OP. All material relates to those three in one way or another. If you don't get that, I'm surprised that you are here at all.

'What are they teaching in the schools these days?'--the professor in LION, WITCH AND WARDROBE by Lewis.


Ward. CALL OF THE DISTANT MOUNTAINS. Research on the anomalies of woolly mammoths.

As an example, where do I find that? first name? Publisher? Date of publication?

You need a refresher in writing a paper.