Pfizer claims its expensive drug works on kids.


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We could see that coming. Pfizer and its investors (Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, key democrat senators, etc.) will be presenting its findings to the FDA for emergency approval in order to get the pills and the cash flowing.

Pfizer on Monday said its COVID-19 vaccine is safe and generated a “robust” antibody response in children aged 5 to 11, a positive sign as parents clamor to protect their children against the virus.

The company said its data were from a study of 2,200 children who received two doses, three weeks apart. Each dose contained about 10 micrograms, or about a third of the dosage for teens and adults.

Pfizer said it will submit its data to the Food and Drug Administration as soon as possible. It must complete the trials and submit efficacy results later this year.


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I remember when Pfizer said Celebrex was safe. The FDA approved it, and pulled it from the market only after enough grandmas and grandpas literally dropped dead from the drug. And the Celebrex approval took much longer than this experimental gene juice.