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Video: Hecklers interrupt abortion debate, get unexpected rebuke

A University of Victoria abortion debate was interrupted by pro-abortion hecklers who did not feel that abortion “was up for discussion.” As a result, they crowded into the back of an auditorium where pro-life Stephanie Gray was engaged in peaceful debate with UVic professor Eike-Henner Kluge, who took the pro-abortion position. The debate was sponsored by Youth Protecting Youth (YPY), which is UVic’s pro-life student group.

The hecklers received a surprising rebuttal from an immigrant whose stance on abortion wasn’t even mentioned. For her, the fundamental right to free speech was threatened by the pro-abortion heckler’s refusal to let Gray speak.

To read the rest of the story (and see the video) click HERE.


Video: Hecklers interrupt abortion debate, get unexpected rebuke

To read the rest of the story (and see the video) click HERE.
It was recently exposed that some video on FOX "News" which apparently showed protesters yelling negative speech and insults toward the police was actually deliberately doctored by someone in the news hierarchy.

FOX Washington, D.C. editor Bill Sammon admitted that he himself came up with the "Obama is a socialist" meme during the campaign in 2007.

In the video he freely admits he did not think it was true at all.

The late conservative firebrand Andrew Brietbart edited a video of a black woman Shirley Sharrod to falsely show that she was being racist toward a white farmer and his wife she helped.

As a result, she was fired without getting to show the truth about what was done to her.

He also released an edited video clip of employees of ACORN doing dishonorable and illegal things. Nevertheless, the video was seen as true by the GOP. Funding was withdrawn from ACORN (they were helping people qualify for homes and registering to vote) and the group descended into bankruptcy and ruin.

To be blunt, many times an activist cable show or a blog will put out a falsehood. Then that same outlet will publicly demean the news media for purportedly ignoring this "true story." Finally, the rest of the media reports on it, but by that time the damage is done and there is no correction made public until 6 months later.

This is why I myself try to use critical thinking and look at the overall patterns first. I have unfortunately gotten to the point where I do not believe much of what I find in the news.