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Is a fetus a person from the moment of conception? Yes. There are several factors I first considered when I was researching this topic, and I'll post a few of them:

1 - The law of biogenesis states that a species produce after their own kind (paraphrasing). A cat begets a cat, a horse begets a horse, and a human can only reproduce another human.

2 - What makes a human a person?

Is it - Size ? No. People have varying sizes and it doesn't make them more or less human.

Is it - Level of Development? No. A preborn baby is less developed than an infant, an infant is less developed than a toddler, and a toddler than a teenager. They are all people at various stages of development.

Is it - Environment? No. Where you are has no bearing on who you are. Whether someone is on an airplane, underwater, or in the womb - they are a person no matter their environment.

Is it - Degree of Dependency? How could it be? My 9-month-old would die if I put her in a room, shut the doors, and did not care for her in any way. Some people are dependent on medications to live, thus not entirely self-reliant. Conjoined twins who share blood and organs would die without one another - are they not people because they are dependent to survive?

If none of those things, what makes a person? A baby, with separate DNA from the mother, is not just a bodypart of hers. It is it's own unique body, growing amazingly fast, with (in most cases) 23 chromosomes of hers and 23 chromosomes of its father. Left alone, it will grow. Torn apart by an abortionists tools - it will leave someone guilty of murder.

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