Isaiah 54:1-55:5 and Matthew 3:1-4:25

Ben Avram

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ISAIAH 54:1-55:5

Am Yisrael is compared to the “sands of the sea” and the “dust of the earth” and the “Stars of heaven” The prophet Yeshayahu in these verses are comforting Israel that they will be blessed, with descendants, even though at the time they might be going through some rough times, always, when people go away from the LORD and follow other gods, then judgment will follow, and suffering will follow, however, YHVH will never reject his people…and…He will increase their numbers.

In spite of HaSatan trying to wipe the Jewish people from existence through the Holocaust, pogroms, etc. The people will continue to exist. Why is Israel compared to the “sands of the sea?” because who can count each and every grain of sand? Why is Israel compared to the “dust of the earth?” One walks on the dust, and Israel has been trampled on, like dust, but dust is enduring. Leave a car outside in the desert, in the dust, for perhaps one hundred years. In the end, the car will no longer exist, it will have been wasted away, yet the dust will continue to exist, forever.

Why “the stars of heaven?” because Israel will “shine” like the stars, because, the Mashiach came from Israel, and He shines, as everlasting light. Israel will be a light to the nations and will teach the nations of ONE GOD “Echad”

MATTHEW 3:1-4:25; and 1 PETER 3:18-22

Yochanan the Baptizer is in the Jordan, baptizing the people, getting them ready to meet their Mashiach, his cousin, his LORD. We need to get our hearts and minds right, a need to change is necessary, to leave the lost world behind and embrace the things of the LORD.

Yeshua is baptized, goes into the wilderness, fasts for 40 days, getting ready for his ministry and teaching, healing, and finally, dying for our sins. 40 is the number for testing and judgment. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of Adonai”. Yes, physical food is necessary, and it feeds the physical body, yet the WORD of God feeds our spirit man/woman. There needs to be a balance between the two. Good, healthy, kosher food which Adonai gave us, and HIS WORD, which is the living manna.

Yeshua settles in Capernaum, or in Hebrew “K’far Naum” the “Covering of Naum”. I have been there, to Capernaum, and the synagogue that Yeshua visited is still there, although it was torn down a rebuilt a few times, the floor is the same. It was an honor to physically “walk” where Yeshua walked and taught Torah. The remains of Peter’s house is also there.

Let’s walk the way Yeshua walked, let’s keep on preparing our hearts, and minds, and our lives. The Kingdom of Heaven IS here, it IS at hand. The “Kingdom of God” is HIS activity here on earth.

1 PETER 3:18-22;

Kefa writes about Messiah, giving up his life for us all, to bring us to Elohim. But since Messiah Yeshua is part of Elohim, did “Elohim die for Elohim?” In a way, we can say yes. He left His glory on high to come to earth and live as a man, to die as a man, to suffer as a man, a man who is still G-d. Yeshua called upon his “Father” who is Elohim, and Yeshua is known as “The Son” “Yeshua Ben Elohim” who was also known as “Yeshua Ben Yosef” as he was raised and known legally as “The Son of Yosef” yet He was and IS, still very God.

Kefa the Talmid continues to state that Yeshua descended into the heart of the earth, and he preached to the “spirits” in Sheol. But who are these “spirits?” We could include all that perished during the time of the flood, who were disobedient, and thus perished, their bodies being consumed by the floodwaters and probably by sharks. I imagine there were many Megalodons (giant sharks) in the waters of the flood just awaiting “MANwiches!”

It was too late for these souls to be saved, yet Yeshua also preached to the spirits in “Paradise” the region of Sheol where the righteous awaited Mashiach, from righteous Abel to the thief on the cross (and all in between)

He came to set “captives free” even though paradise was a pleasant waiting place (I imagine) it could not compare to the New Jerusalem, where they all are now.

“8 were saved through water” those were Noah, his wife (Na’amah, daughter of Enoch) his three sons, and their wives. They all had a “new beginning” (8) and we also are saved through the “Living Water” who is Yeshua.

When we are saved, we go through water baptism, which identifies us with Yeshua, “death and rebirth” yet as Kefa says, it does not get rid of the filth of the flesh, but of the newness of spirit. Our flesh will always be sinful, and will, at times, be attracted to sin. That is why “flesh” can not inherit heaven. Our bodies of flesh will wear out and cease to function after “x” number of years, yet we will receive new bodies, and our souls and spirit will be with the LORD!

Our flesh is and always will be sinful flesh, yet we will have “good conscience toward Elohim” Let us be content with a good conscience, and try to bring the flesh under control. The Hebrew word "Tzadik" can be divided into "Tzad" and "Qof" "Tzad" is to hunt and bring under control, and a "Qof" is a monkey. So, to bring the fleshly sin-nature under control, to control one's "monkey" sort of speaking, is being a "Tzadik" a righteous person.

Let's live our lives to our best ability, but not in our own strength, but in the strength of the Spirit of God.