Enyart Threatened by Pro-Abort | “You’ll End Up in the Hospital!” (Pt. 2)


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This is the show from Wednesday, May 11th, 2022


Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, we’re joined in studio by the co-pastor of Agape Kingdom Fellowship, Brian Enyart Jr. for part two of our discussion about the abortion rally last week at the capitol. After the Roe V Wade opinion draft was leaked, the left went nuts. They called for protests at state capitols across the country. Being who we are, we decided to counter-protest. During our time there we enjoyed being harassed and threatened with serious bodily harm. Harm including (but not limited to) being hospitalized, thrown out into moving traffic, etc. One such tolerant, kind, and loving leftist threatened to rape a pro-life advocate with a rainbow-colored umbrella.

The kindness of the left knows no bounds.

Be we regardless we must Do Right, And Risk the Consequences. Plus, we’re going to be fighting this battle for a long time. So we might as well settle in, and enjoy the fight.

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