Bob Debates a Pastor on Homosexuality and Fornication (Pt. 2)


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This is the show from Monday, May 16th, 2022


Today on Bob Enyart Live, we've got part two of the debate between Bob Enyart and a rather worldly secular pastor. Hear this pastor try to justify homosexuality and fornication by twisting Bible stories only to be immediately shut down by Pastor Bob. In this contentious debate, we'll find out why God doesn't bless the wicked, nor curse the righteous. Rather He blesses the righteous and curses the wicked. We know here at Bob Enyart Live... that's pretty obvious. However, every now and then you have to remind even pastors of such basic truths...

Broadcast series:
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Part four coming on May 30th!

Note: If you haven't heard the other parts in this sereis, don't worry, you won't need full context to understand the individual shows. :)

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